Our website can be navigated using two different methods, browsing and searching. These terms are not interchangeable: browsing is not the same as searching and searching is not the same as browsing.

Browsing is when you simply follow links as presented on the website, such as in menus, on maps or anywhere on a page.

Searching is when you use the search function to find listings in the directory.
The basic search function checks business names, descriptions and taxonomies (tags and categories)
The results are then listed in order of relevance depending on the keyword(s) entered.

For example: If you search for only “hotel”, the results will be returned with listings that have “hotel” in the title first.

Using your location (“near” field) only
When you enter a location in the “near” field, AngleseyLocal will calculate the center of that location.

For example, if you enter “Llangefni” in the near field, the results will return all listings in order of proximity to Llangefni.

Using both the search & near fields together.
When using both fields, all relevant results will be returned in order of proximity.

Priority listing is always given to listings that are “Featured Listings” – this feature is part of a Premium Listing package.

For more information about Business Listing Packages, please click here